To celebrate the town's 250th anniversary, a talented group of people worked together to design and create a large 80" by 95.5" quilt of 27 of Shirley's historic buildings. Spearheaded by coordinators Amelia Gionet and Dorry Swain, a total of 22 people worked on the project. Work began in the spring of 2002, and the finished quilt was presented to the town on August 6, 2003 in a dedication ceremony at the Hazen Memorial Library. The quilt was machine stitched by Cathie Shoemaker and Michelle Ryba of the local company "A Stitch in Time". Shirley craftsman Charlie Gionet designed and built a custom case for the quilt which is permanently installed for all to admire in the Hazen Memorial Library lobby.

The quilt image is at full resolution, please be patient while it loads. Hover over each of the quilt's squares to learn more details about the depiction and work done for that panel:

Oldest home in Shirley, Old Meetinghouse Rd.

Quilter: Amelia Gionet
Cross stitch banner.

Stitcher: Mary Martin
Bull Run Tavern, circa 1740, Great Road.

Quilter: Joanne Prentiss
Parker Rd. Schoolhouse, now a private residence.

Quilter: Pat Walsh
Center School, c.1924, now Shirley Senior Center.

Quilter: Shirley Quinty
Center Town Hall, c. 1850, on the historic town common.

Quilter: Dorothy S. Hatch
Hearse Building and Pound, behind First Parish Meetinghouse on the town common.

Quilter: Leslie Slocumb
Sawtelle House

Quilter: Amelia Gionet
Trinity Chapel, c. 1901, Episcopal faith; Center Rd.

Quilter: Louise H. Longley
Old Center Store, Center Rd on the common. Private residence.

Quilter: Carolyn Schold
Civil War Memorial Statue, 1891. Beheaded by vandals in March 2010, the missing head was recovered within 2 weeks and restored.

Quilter: Mona Longley
First Parish Meetinghouse, 1773, on the historic town common.

Quilter: Mary Russell
Revolutionary War Stone and Center Cemetery, Brown and Horsepond Rds.

Quilter: Mona Longley
Odd Fellows Hall previously located where Shirley's Fire Station now stands.

Quilter: Judith Creamer
President Suspender Factory, 1881, Leominster Rd.

Quilter: Dorry Swain
Old Fire Station, 1894, Lancaster and Leominster Rds.

Quilter: Dorry Swain
Munson House, Center and Munson Rds.

Quilter: Dorry Swain
Brockelman’s Store, Front St. Now Great Wall Chinese Restaurant.

Quilter: Sue Cusick
Old Municipal Building, 1855, Lancaster Rd. First used as a grammar school, then Shirley High School, later a Police station and Municipal Building.

Quilter: Lorraine Wilson
School House #8, 1848. Located on Church St. next to the War Memorial Building.

Quilter: Cynthia Furman
Old Hazen Memorial Library, 1894, Lancaster Rd. Richardson Romanesque style, classic arch entrance. Was the town’s library until 1997, when the new Hazen Memorial Library opened at the municipal complex on Keady Way.

Quilter: Patty MacDonald
Old St. Anthony’s Church, 1905, Phoenix St. Catholic church, destroyed by fire in 1993, rebuilt in a new design in 1996.

Quilter: Leslie Slocumb
Lura A. White School, 1936, Lancaster Rd.

Quilter: Susan D’Amico
United Church, 1816, Harvard and Lancaster Rds.

Quilter: Dorry Swain
Old Railroad Station, Front St.

Quilter: Mary Lou Clark
Old Bandstand, Front St.

Quilter: Wendy Welton
Samson Cordage Works, 1850, Phoenix St. Cotton mill built by the Shirley Shakers, sold in 1856 and transformed into a cordage works. Now renovated and houses multiple businesses as Phoenix Park.

Quilter: Nancy Perry