The Hazen Memorial Library is a community center where all age groups gather for meaningful programs, social interaction, internet access, recreational reading, research, magazines, newspapers, audios, and movies. We encourage you to visit the library and take advantage of all the services and programs available.

FY09 proved to be a challenging year for Shirley's town finances, and the library budget was adversely affected. An unsuccessful override election on September 9, 2008 resulted in a reduction to the number of hours open from a total of 36 to 25 - a loss of 11 hours per week. Fortunately, the library's budget was restored in the second override election held on November 4, and library hours were brought back to 36 hours per week. It is important to note that the number of items being borrowed still increased even though access to the library and staffing hours were reduced.

Thank you to all the voters who supported our library in the override election. As a result, the hours of service, books and materials budgets, and number of staff hours to handle the increased demand for library services were restored.


The Hazen Memorial Library is pleased to report increased use of library services in FY09, with a total circulation of more than 117,000 items. On average, 1,228 people visit the library each week. See the table below for more statistics.




CIRCULATION (Items Borrowed)


















Children's programming is a vital aspect of library services, and all story time events are very well attended. "Mother Goose on the Loose", a program for babies up to age 3 is still going strong since its inception in 2005. Preschool story time for ages 3-5 always attracts a crowd of youngsters eager to hear age appropriate stories and craft projects. The Youth Services librarian developed and led 174 programs in FY09, with attendance of 4,030. Family Partnership sponsored Goodnight Moon Afternoon playgroups, the Friends of the library sponsored Tykes Itsy Bitsy Yoga, a Trick or Treat Halloween Magic Show, seed planting workshop for the butterfly garden, and Animal Adventures show. Shirley Cultural Council funded "A Woodland Cinderella" puppet show.

Summer Reading

The library supports the summer reading requirements of all area schools. In addition, we sponsor a summer reading program based on a statewide theme. Summer programs included: a visit from the Boston Museum of Science's traveling planetarium, sponsored by library donations; Jay Mankita concert sponsored by the Shirley Charitable Foundation. Summer reading prizes were funded by the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System, the library Trustees, and the Friends of the Library.

After School Programs

The Serving Tweens and Teens Grant funds enabled the library to plan and conducted 90 programs with 1,372 attendees during FY09. Some of these programs were: Teen Club with Wii, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band games, holiday parties, contests, board games, arts and crafts, knitting club, book club, yoga classes, Red Cross Babysitting Certification class, and expanded summer reading program. The grant provides the funding for the equipment, honorariums for performers, materials and furnishings, and staff to run the programs. The program funding comes to completion in September, 2009.


Adult programs are funded by sources outside of the appropriated budget, in large part by the Friends of the Hazen Memorial Library. Some programs held in FY09 were: the Holiday Fair, Mother's Day and Holiday Teas, author Diane Rapaport, Friend's book club, gardener's club meetings, and job hunting workshops led by Monster.com. Shirley Recreation continues to sponsor Senior and Adult Yoga classes. A bridge club held a weekly card game, and the rug "hookers" met bi-weekly to craft beautiful hand-made rugs. In FY09, the library held 263 programs for adults with 3,771 participants.


  1. The library was awarded a $20,000 LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners to plan and conduct after school programs for middle school students. The "Serving Tweens and Teens" program began in October, 2007, and will be completed in September, 2009.
  2. Minimum State Aid requirements were met as a result of the passage of a Prop. 2 ½ override on November 4, and the library was certified to receive $16,430 from this grant.


The Friends of the Hazen Memorial Library provide all of the funding for programs, equipment and museum passes well beyond the scope of the library budget. Many popular events were again made possible this year by the hard work and inspiration of our Friends.

The FY09 Friends' board of officers includes Doreen Manning, President, Leslie Cady, Vice-President, Nancy Landry, Secretary, and Polly McGrath, Treasurer. Cheryl Gregory serves as Publicity and Holiday Fair Coordinator. The library is indebted to the Friends for their support. If you are looking for a rewarding volunteer experience, check the Library's online calendar of events at www.shirleylibrary.org and attend the next Friend's meeting.


The contributions of our reliable volunteers are more important than ever. Grateful thanks to Barbara Masiero and our other volunteers for their dedicated service.


As always, thanks to the library staff whose commitment to provide knowledgeable and friendly customer service make our library successful and this board a pleasure on which to serve.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Roy, Library Director

The Trustees of the Hazen Memorial Library

Judy Stanislaw, Chair
Linda McClellan, Vice Chair
Beth Quinty, Secretary
Cornelia Donovan
Susan Johnston
Dwight W. Smith